We’ve Never Seen Alex Burrows and Sylar from "Heroes" in the Same Room Together

While too many people are up in arms about why Vancouver Canucks winger Alex Burrows was allowed to play in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals last night after his overblown biting incident with Bruins center Patrice Bergeron in Game 1, the better question might be why any of us are surprised that Burrows has channeled his inner villain and fed off of the powers of the Sedin twins.

While everyone taints our sport by arguing on national television that a game-winning player should have been suspended, all I could think of was how Burrows’ career is mimicking that of his doppleganger, Zachary Quinto, or Sylar from the NBC television show “Heroes.”

Since joining the Sedin twins, Burrows has constantly been in the middle of big plays.  He now has two memorable two-goal games at home to hang his hat on.  Before last night’s two-goal, one-assist effort in a 3-2 OT win in the Stanley Cup finals, Burrows was of course the one who had to score both goals in Vancouver’s 2-1 win over Chicago in Game 7 of the first round this April.

Sylar, meanwhile, figured out that he could point his finger at someone and cut their heads open, which would then allow him to see and understand how that now-deceased person’s superhuman powers worked.  It caused him to essentially bloat with power that he could no longer control, and he eventually suffered a setback at the hands of counterpart Peter Petrelli.  Then there was the writers’ strike, and the show came back pretty poorly, and nobody watched so there’s nothing really to discuss.  But that first season though…

Which leads me to ask the question, “Are we sure Alex Burrows isn’t Sylar?”  I mean, he clearly looks like him.  Meanwhile, all anyone can do is talk about how sporadic the results have been for the Sedin twins in the postseason.  I find this speculation ridiculous, as Henrik leads all players in playoff points with 21, and Daniel is tied with Burrows for third in goals (9), just one behind Marty St. Louis and Boston’s David Krejci.  But if we are to accept that the Swedish brothers should be doing more, then one easy explanation is that at some point while skating with Burrows, the Sylar look-alike bit, slashed or pointed at their heads, looked at their brains, and took their hockey powers.  How else can we explain not only scoring all the big goals and maybe leading the playoffs in them when all is said and done, but also not even trying to disguise his obvious physical parallels with the television villain?

Alex Burrows and Sylar, you tell me:

At some point Monday we’ll give a look at Game 3 as the series shifts to Boston, but for now, I just had to spread the word on this obvious diamond in the rough.  Game 3 is Monday night at 8 p.m. live on Versus in the U.S., and CBC and RDS in Canada.  NBC resumes coverage in the U.S. when the series shifts back to Vancouver for Game 5, assuming it does (and it will).

  1. Tram said:

    Yeah it struck me a couple seasons ago. It's too bad that by the time I wrote anything about it, Heroes got bad and then cancelled haha. Would have been great to get on this during season 1, but hey.

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