Table Pick: Vancouver in Six

It’s come time to make a prediction on the Stanley Cup finals, and I’m not going to make you read to the bottom to find out what I think.  I’m picking Vancouver to win in six games.

My look ahead to the series can be found in this previous post, so I’ll quickly say some things about this prediction.

  • A six game series is not a short series.  In fact, it’s the closest thing one can get to a seven game series.  So by picking Vancouver in six, I’m definitely taking Boston seriously in this series.
  • While Boston handled its one very physical opponent (Philadelphia) well, the Bruins have needed wins on home ice in Game 7s to dispatch of more flowing offensive teams in Montreal and Tampa Bay.  Vancouver probably falls closer to Tampa than it does Philly.
  • Vancouver’s talent is the deepest in the league this year.  They have three lines that are legitimate threats to score on any shift, and a stable of defensemen that can take care of business in front of Luongo, while also playing a key role in the offensive setup for the Canucks.
  • I usually do not pick very good teams to get eliminated on home ice, but two things went into my picking the Bruins to do just that.
    • Boston seems too good for me to think that they won’t find a way to win two games, and
    • Vancouver is a very good road team (27-10-4 in regular season; 5-3 in playoffs).
I plan on evaluating this series as it goes on, but I know you guys want some sort of prediction, so there it is.  Game 1 is tonight (Wed) at 8 p.m. on NBC in the United States. Boston at Vancouver tonight and Saturday.

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