Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Wins 2011 Maxim Hot 100…

… And that’s fine, I guess. What I found more concerning was that Cameron Diaz rang in at number four.  That’s right, NUMBER FOUR! Cameron Diaz, in 2011!  I don’t even get the angle here for Maxim.  She hasn’t done a Maxim cover recently (ever?), doesn’t have a groundbreaking blockbuster film coming out this summer (although Bad Teacher looks like it has potential to have some moments), and isn’t a rising star.  And it couldn’t be that Maxim actually thinks that there are only three hotter women in show business than Cameron Diaz.  Alex Rodriguez doesn’t even think that.  So, what the hell is it?

Here is the complete 2011 Maxim Hot 100

My best guess is it’s just another slide into douche-baggery for this list, as Maxim even furthers the point that it is out of touch with its intended audience, and it would be surprising to see this list win any type of poll of actual men when pitted against, or even the heavily British-leaning FHM.  Huntington-Whiteley being #1 makes sense: she is replacing Megan Fox in the newest installment of Transformers, and Maxim likes to make these future bets since anointing fading stars like Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan a few years too late (2003, ’04, ’07).  They also have already given Eva Longoria the only back-to-back titles in 2005 and ’06, and I think they’ve realized doing that just seems lazy, so Katy Perry had no chance of retaining this year’s #1.  Since that five year span of forgettable champs, Maxim’s done a decent job of at least taking a stance on their top spots, and choosing women that it’s hard to make a logical argument against. Because, after all, so much of these lists are based on logic.  Huntington-Whiteley’s biggest detriments are that she’s not mega-famous, yet, and for a while there around 2010, she looked almost too skinny.  But I will say that she looks very good from what I’ve seen in 2011, so Maxim will hope that she’s a hit in the new Transformers, and their perceived insight goes up.

Besides Diaz at #4, here were the most appalling cases of overrating:

#13 Kaley Cuoco (And I watch The Big Bang Theory every week. No, really, it’s on my DVR)
#25 Britney Spears (Whatever, I get it. But the woman isn’t really bright, and let’s not forget this tasty episode).
#34 Avril Lavigne (Shut up)
#78 JWoww (I thought it was the HOT 100)

Here were the most glaring omissions, but certainly not all of them:

Marisa Miller
Carrie Underwood
Kate Beckinsale
Blake Lively
Adriana Lima / Alessandra Amrosio / Candice Swanepoel / almost everyone from Victoria’s Secret besides Huntington-Whiteley

What do you all think?  Who should have been #1, and who is the most laughable entry on the 2011 list?

Looks like we’ve got a couple days until the FHM 100 Sexiest Women comes out, and you can expect the complete breakdown here at Tram’s Table.

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  1. NG said:

    Then of course four days later, Cameron Diaz ends up on the newest cover. So, now we know why she was #4.

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